Qualities of a Nightliner



What do we expect from our call taking volunteers?

Volunteers need to be enthusiastic, reliable and committed to Nightline. The anonymity of all of our volunteers is extremely important and must be respected. In order for Nightline to provide the effective service it does, this needs to be maintained at all times. Therefore we ask that if you are applying to become a volunteer you do not share the progress of your application with anyone. What happens in Nightline, stays in Nightline!

What can you expect from us?

As a Nightliner, your support is greatly appreciated! In return, we offer you:

  1. Extensive training in listening and communication skills
  2. Becoming a part of a friendly and supportive network of people with lots of socials; (including sober socials too!)
  3. If you continue to love volunteering, then each year there is the opportunity to become a part of the fantastic Committee.

So you think you've got what it takes?

Please note, that if you are in your final year, that we will not be able to accept you in the second semester!

Applications to become a call taking volunteer are open twice a year, details of specific dates will always be published on our Facebook page nearer the time. It starts with an online application form that can be found below, the next stage involves a telephone interview which is a chance for us get to know you a bit better and see whether you are suited to being a Nightliner.

If you are successful, you will then be invited to a training weekend where volunteers are trained in small groups by experienced Nightliners. This training is compulsory. Any additional training that is organised will be compulsory to all volunteers.

During training, volunteers develop an in-depth understanding of Nightline’s principles, with a key focus on active listening. Throughout training there is a key focus on role plays and adapting our listening skills for the situation. As a volunteer you will receive a high level of support from both the committee and fellow volunteers on all shifts and training.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to email us at loughborough@nightline.ac.uk

All applications will be reviewed approximately 2 weeks prior to the relevant training date. Whilst we are more than happy to receive an application at any point, we will be unable to respond prior to this point. Currently, our next training will take place late autumn so keep an eye on all of our social media to be the first to know!


We ask that you do 2 shifts per term 

Nope! We ask that you stay awake until 12am, but after that you can go to sleep and wake up if we get a call.

We give you a full weekend of training before you do shifts – we will show you how to respond to a whole range of different calls and make sure you are confident!


It is completely up to you! Often we will watch a film, chat, play on the Switch and have a good time. If you need to get work done, that is absolutely cool as well, we have workspaces in the office to get work done!


Again this is completely your call! All committee and volunteers have profiles so you know who you are signing up with and we also have a fantastic buddy system to make sure you are comfortable!

This service is currently closed, please check back again later.

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