Volunteering FAQ’s

Call Taking Volunteer

How often do I have to do shifts?

We ask that you do 2 shifts per term 

Do I have to stay awake all night?

Nope! We ask that you stay awake until 12am, but after that you can go to sleep and wake up if we get a call.

How do we prepare for taking calls?

We give you a full weekend of training before you do shifts – we will show you how to respond to a whole range of different calls and make sure you are confident!

What do I do between calls? 

It is completely up to you! Often we will watch a film, chat, play on the Switch and have a good time. If you need to get work done, that is absolutely cool as well, we have workspaces in the office to get work done!

Who do I do shifts with? 

Again this is completely your call! All committee and volunteers have profiles so you know who you are signing up with and we also have a fantastic buddy system to make sure you are comfortable! 

Allies Volunteering

Is Nightbus all Allies do?

Absolutely not! We are working hard to create exciting new initiatives within the university to help us raise awareness and funds to allow us to operate to our full potential

Do I have to do Nightbus as an Ally?

Whilst bus shifts are great fun and a fantastic way to meet people, you do not have to do bus shifts to become an ally!

Can I be both a Listening Volunteer and an Ally? 

Absolutely! However, you must never disclose that you are a call-taker to any member of the Allies team that you are with!