What is I'm Listening: The Peer Support Project?

I’m Listening: The Peer Support Project seeks to deliver peer support and active listening workshops to students of 16+ years at local schools in Loughborough, surrounding villages, and Leicester.

I’m Listening: The Peer Support Project will be delivered by Loughborough Nightline and Leicestershire Samaritans volunteers, at no cost to the school or college and will seek to equip students with appropriate skills to recognise and aid their peers in matters regarding mental health at school, in the home and in the community.

In addition to this, presentations will be made to students informing them of support available to them as they bridge the gap between school/college and higher education.

This is becoming an increasingly important topic given levels of diagnosed mental health illnesses amongst students, as well as the increasing pressures they face. In educating students, Nightline and Samaritans are ensuring that prospective students are aware of support networks available to them before they arrive at university/HE institutes.

Interested in I'm Listening: The Peer Support Project visiting you?

If you want to make an enquiry about I’m Listening visiting your school/college, then please contact w&[email protected]