Volunteering with the Allies

Nightline Allies are the public supporters of Loughborough Nightline, anyone can be a Nightline Ally.

Allies are also given the option to volunteer with us, there are multiple volunteering options within this role:

  1. Volunteering on the Nightline Bus
  2. Helping to fund raise
  3. Volunteering at stands helping with recruitment and awareness spreading.
*The Nightline Allies are a separate entity to the call taking volunteers.*



Absolutely not! We are working hard to create exciting new initiatives within the university to help us raise awareness and funds to allow us to operate to our full potential


Whilst bus shifts are great fun and a fantastic way to meet people, you do not have to do bus shifts to become an ally!


Absolutely! However, you must never disclose that you are a call-taker to any member of the Allies team that you are with!


How can you sign up?

To become a non-volunteering Ally, then simply click here, to go to our Allies Facebook group.

To volunteer for the Nightline Allies, then you need to fill out the form below to register your interest as an Ally! The email will show when our next training days are, and give you the option to sign up to one of the slots. You must have done the training to volunteer on the Nightline Bus.

Returning soon...


Allies is temporarily unavailable due to the impacts of COVID-19.