Loughborough Nightline first started on the 22nd May 2015 and since then has been constantly evolving. Loughborough is part of Nightline Association, an international umbrella charity for university Nightline services,  providing support for over 2.3 million students throughout universities across the UK alone.

For many students, starting their university career is the biggest change in their lives so far, and it’s not always the party that people think it may be. It is easy to forget about the possible emotional impact that this can have.

It is often in late adolescence or young adulthood that mental health problems arise which means that 75% of students experience some degree of psychological distress whilst at university.

For 1 in 3 students, this psychological distress occurs at night – when student welfare services are closed therefore Nightline is here to provide a listening ear. We want to make sure that no student at Loughborough ever feels like there is nowhere to turn.

Nightline strongly believes that often the first step to coming to terms with what you’re going through is talking about it. We will provide a safe non-judgemental space for you to talk through anything. We operate under the following aims:

  • Confidential: All contact with Nightline is confidential within the organisation, subject to our confidentiality policy.
  • Anonymous: The service is anonymous. We will not identify any of its users.
  • Non-Advisory, Non-Judgmental and Non-Directive: You can contact Nightline about anything, without fear of being judged or told what to do.

We’ll listen, not lecture

Owl at fountain

Our successful service is testament to the fantastic efforts of our Nightliners who have gone through intensive training. They operate our phones, instant messenger (IM) and email service throughout the term. We are incredibly proud of each individual’s dedication to the organisation.

The service is led by a committee of volunteers who are each responsible for different areas within Nightline.

We also have our number one supporter Oscar the Owl – who you might spot around campus, and is often featured in our campaigns!